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Pre-Foreclosure Sales, Short Sales, Luxury Home Short Sales, Commercial Property Short Sales in Pennsylvania

If you are having problems with paying your mortgage the best option is to sell your home now! The key to success is to work with an agent that has trained and completed fast sales and short sales. It truly and art to manage, supply all the documentation to the bank, and ensure that you would leave your with home in the best personal and financial condition. At times you may actually be able to leave your home after it sells and still profit from the sale. The longer you wait the less chance you have with leaving on positive terms or financial position.

SELLING YOUR HOME or COMMERCIAL PROPERTY AT MARKET VALUE OR A SHORT SALE WILL STOP YOU FROM HAVING A FORECLOSURE ON YOUR CREDIT. If you do sell your home before foreclosure you will be able repair the damage caused by the inability to make payments quickly without having a foreclosure on your credit report. When a foreclosure shows up on credit, it won’t go away for a long time making it virtually impossible to purchase a home, car, or get a credit card for a very long time.

A huge misconception is that when you foreclose you just move on with your life. In most states the bank has the right to come after you for the balance of the loan that wasn’t satisfied on the mortgage. They can place leans on your car, personal property, or other real estate you own. Foreclosure is a big mistake that can cost you much more than your home!

I have a customized game plan to market and sell your home. I also work with the banks to negotiate the sale or short sale of your home before foreclosure. I also will help you in the transition if you need assistance to find another place to live, rental or downsizing. I am currently undertaking the SSP for which I have many hours of training and am already experience in the process. Work with a professional that has your best interest in mind.

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If you are in trouble yet want to look at options to keep you home. The Government has a page with information on options for refinancing your loans. You can check out This page will give you information on Loan Modifications and Refinancing. This is only possible if you have stable income yet, for some reason you are not able to make payments or catch up on payments for the home or business you have.

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