Marcellus Shale

Marcellus Shale regions have recently boomed from 4 applications in 2005 to 1,984 new application in 2009. Millions of dollars paid in leasing rights could be consistent monthly income paid in royalties for land owners in Marcellus Shale Regions in the North, East, and North Eastern Regions of Pennsylvania. Predominately, Growth areas for Marcellus Shale Leases are Bradford, and Sullivan Counties. With high research being conducted in Susquehanna, Wyoming, and Lackawanna Counties. The newest high growth areas for the next few years are expected to be Tioga and Lycoming Counties. Even though these areas are realized, there are opportunities in other areas. If you are a land owner you should be informed and in contact with someone that can help you explain your rights.

The reason for the new growth in Marcellus Shale leasing in Pennsylvania is the new technology which natural gas is being extracted and the fact that most of the areas in Pennsylvania the natural gas is much purer than in most regions. For these reasons and more you need to know your right and the benefits your property may have to natural gas companies. Please feel free to call me at 570-640-3535 or email me at [email protected] for assistance.



Aerial photo of a gas well site. ? iStockphoto / Edward Todd.





The most promising wells drilled into the Marcellus employ two technologies that are relatively new to Appalachian Basin gas shale production. One is horizontal drilling, in which a vertical well is deviated to horizontal so that it will penetrate a maximum number of vertical rock fractures and penetrate a maximum distance of gas-bearing rock. The second is “hydrofracing” (or hydraulic fracturing). With this technique, a portion of the well is sealed off and water is pumped in to produce a pressure that is high enough to fracture the surrounding rock. The result is a highly fractured reservoir penetrated by a long length of well bore.


Photomicrograph of a polished section of Marcellus Shale in reflected light. The gold particles are pyrite grains which are common in organic-rich rocks. The large brown elongated body is a compressed plant spore with a few pyrite grains in the central cavity. The remainder of the rock is a clay matrix with a heavy brown organic stain.The width of this image spans about 0.2 millimeters of the shale.



A map of Pennsylvania showing the net feet of organic-rich shale in the Marcellus Formation. John Harper of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey believes that the thickness of organic-rich shale may be more important than the total Marcellus thickness in assessing the production potential of a well site. [2] Map after Piotrowski, R.G. and Harper, J.A., 1979. [ 6]




Thickness map of the Marcellus Shale. Modified after: United States Geological Survey, Open-File Report 2006-1237, Assessment of Appalachian Basin oil and gas resources: Devonian Shale-Middle and Upper Paleozoic Total Petroleum System, by Robert Milici and Christopher Swezey. [3]




This map shows the approximate depth to the base of the Marcellus Shale. It was prepared using the map by Robert Milici and Christopher Swezey above and adding depth-to-Marcellus contours published by Wallace de Witt and others, 1993, United States Department of Energy Report: The Atlas of Major Appalachian Gas Plays. [4]




The stratigraphic nomenclature used for the rocks immediately above and below the Marcellus varies from one area to another. Information for Western Pennsylvania and Northwestern New York is shown above. Click the image to reveal nomenclature for other areas. Image by: Robert Milici and Christopher Swezey, 2006, Assessment of Appalachian Basin Oil and Gas Resources: Devonian Shale?Middle and Upper Paleozoic Total Petroleum System. Open-File Report Series 2006-1237. United States Geological Survey.[3]


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