Home Loan Deals

Home loans are right now at all time lows.

I have recently had many clients getting approved at 3.5% with 0% down or with standard fha financing only 3.5% down.

Options for VA Loans for military include 0%, 100% financing for approved military. I am a certified military residential specialist.

I also have options for community loans with $1,500 down and low interest rates and mo Private Mortage Insurance.

The USDA loan or Rural Housing Loan can also be a 0% down product, 100% financing for qualified buyers, in select locations.

The Jumbo Loan is a product for buyers looking over the approvimate $300,000 range (many counties have different requirements depending upon the banks and terms)  options can vary in a jumbo loan.  If your looking in the higher range an 1 point on interest or a change in a term or fee can cost you many thousands over the term of loan.  Its important to know you getting a deal on your luxury home loan.

Or if you already have a home loan and are interested in refinancing that loan, I can help find a loan specialist to make it a quick transaction.

Getting preapproved is the first step in buying a home it lets you know what you can afford, the interest rate are can be approved for, the down payment you will need, and your approximate monthly payment in the price range you will be shopping.

Getting a loan isn’t always about a low interest rate, it’s also about the right terms, and great service. I only refer my clients to professionals that I work with regularly so I know you will get great service.

Call or email me today to be connected to a loan expert in Pennsylvania. Rural Housing and FHA standards are different everywhere. It make sense to put your trust in the hands of an expert right from the start.

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Peter B Gustis – Top Listing Agent and Buyer Representative in Berks County Pennsylvania – also a great agent to help you get the right loan.