FHA Guidelines

Want to know if the home you sell will pass an FHA inspection?

Want to know if a home you want to buy will pass an FHA inspection?

Here is an FHA Check List

Federal Housing Administration Check list of Pennsylvania

HUD – Housing and Urban Development Guidelines in Pennsylvania

If yes, then a septic certification is required.

8. Do you see standing water near the foundation?

If yes, the grading or drainage will have to be addressed.

9. Are there any hazardous materials on site, either interior or exterior?

If yes, they will have to be removed before transfering the property is to occur.

10. Do you have any broken windows with sharp glass? Are all windows functional?

If yes, then the window will need to be replaced. Cracked windows may be ok as long as there are no sharp edges. Windows must move up and down and be able to stay inplace.

11. Do you have a crawl space in the basement or attic? Is there 18″ of clearance?

If so, and there is not 18″ the space must be made larger.

12. Does your property conform to zoning?

13. In a 2 to 4 unit, do you have a basement unit? Is this allowed by zoning of the township or city that the subject is located in?

14. All stairs over 3 steps must have a secured hand rail.

15. Check all mechanical systems:

Plumbing – Turn on 2 or 3 cold water faucets and then flush the toilets. Check for leaks

Turn on hot and cold water in sinks and tubs. Check for leaks.

Heating – Make sure the heating system is operating correctly and there are no smell of fuel and there is property ventation

Electric – Check to see that outlets are grounded any outlets by water sources must be GFI outlets.

If you have other questions or FHA, Rural Housing, or HUD Guidelines for homes or home loans.

Also, available are guidelines for community loans and VA Home Loans.

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