Business Incentives


This New Law is for businesses in certain areas like the City of Reading. Which will allow tax benefits, and or a 10 year tax abatement. When you move or start a business in the LERTA approved areas. The City of Reading is amoung a few places for which this law is in effect. 

Starting a business or moving it into a Economic Revitalization Area can increase the chances of your sucess or increase profits of an already sucessful business due to the tax benefits.

Here is a copy of the links for the ordinace and terms.

Other Counties for which the LERTA Program are available could include Montgomery County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Schuylkill County, Philadephia County, and Many other places in Pennsylvania.  There maybe other programs local program that help business get off their feet or product jobs locally.  Please feel free to contact me for help where ever you are looking to grow your business.

Please call or email me 570-640-3535 or [email protected] to help you find a Local Ecomonic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act area where you want to place your business.

Doing so can save you many thousands of dollars over the 10 year abatement period and may provide other tax benefits for your business in certain areas.

Peter B Gustis – 2013 President of the Commercial Industrial Council of Reading Berks Association of Realtor.  Top Listing Agent and Buyer Representative in Berks County Pa.