Berks Co. Use and Occupancy Permits

Here is a links for the use and occupancy inspections, permits, registering rentals, and other various inspections in Berks County.

Municipal and tax information is updated on an ongoing and annual basis by the Reading-Berks Association of REALTORS® with information supplied by the municipalities and other sources. R-BAR will not be responsible for any inaccurate or misprinted information. While we strive to provide members with the latest and most up-to-date information, this web page may not include each municipality that requires a re-sale inspection. Please contact the appropriate municipality for verification.

*Information not found below may be found within each municipality’s section in the Municipal Data section of this website.

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Bern Township

Residential Rentals


– Considering a Rental ordinance (7/11)

Birdsboro Borough

Residential Property Transfer

Brecknock Township

Occupancy Permit

Caernarvon Township

Use & Occupancy Permit

Douglass Township

Landlord Tenant Registration Form

Exeter Township

New Residents Info (Webpage)

Hamburg Borough

Property Transfer Use & Occupancy Cert

Kenhorst Borough

Property Transfer Ordinance

Rental Unit Permits

Laureldale Borough

Sewage/Trash/Recycling Service App

Residential Rental Registration Ordinance

Sewer Connection Inspection Ordinance

Sidewalk and Curb Inspection Ordinance

Longswamp Township

Rental Property Ordinance

Lower Alsace Township

Sewer Connection Inspection Ordinance
U&O Inspection Ordinance (passed 6/11)

Mt. Penn Borough

Property Transfer Inspection

Muhlenberg Township

New Residents Info (Webpage)

Occupancy Permit & Res. Property Forms – link is broken, but will be updated when they post the new link.

Rental Page

Reading, City of

Rental Permit Ordinance

Rental Permit Application

Health & Safety Ordinance

Health & Safety Ordinance Application

Health & Safety Ordinance Consumer Info

Health & Safety Ordinance FAQs

Health & Safety Ord Inspector Report

Health & Safety Ordinance Addendum

Reading Area Water Authority Right to Know
Reading Area Water Authority Sewer Certification

Robesonia Borough

New Residents Info (Webpage)

Ruscombmanor Township

– Rental Inspection Ordinance (7/11) – contact municipality for further info

Shillington Borough

Rental Unit Permit Ordinance

Sinking Spring Township

Use and Occupancy Permit

Spring Township 

New Residents Info (Webpage)

Property Transfer Application

Topton Borough

Sewer Connection Inspection Notice

Sewer Connection Inspection Ordinance

Certificate of Occupancy

Landlord Information Sheet

West Reading Borough

Permits (Use and Occupancy included)

Womelsdorf Borough

Tenant’s Ordinance
– Rental Inspection Program – Contact Borough for further info

Wernersville Borough

Sewer Connection Inspection Ordinance
– Sidewalk Ordinance – contact Borough for updated version

Wyomissing Borough

Rental Property Inspection


Charmingdale Homeowners’ Association
. Dues

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